The Castle Romeo located in Randazzo

Discover the volcanic landscapes of Etna in Sicily

In a picturesque position between Randazzo, Mount Etna and the valley of the River Alcantara, the eighteenth century Romeo Castle has maintained the charm of a historic site perfectly preserved through time.
Once belonging to the Marquess Romeo delle Torrazze, it has welcomed the Italian monarchs Victor Emanuel III and Queen Helen, Crown Prince Humbert II and the Princesses Mafalda and Joan of Savoy, and hosted convivial occasions for officers and nobility in the early twentieth century.

The Castle has been completely restored and the original frescoes in its spacious rooms are intact. The furniture faithfully reproduces the period, so that the atmosphere of the past can be relived unaltered. The secret passages leading towards the River Alcantara, which were used as escape tunnels, still exist, and the wine cellars hold the biggest wine casks dating back to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Passing through the strongly-built lava stone Gothic arch portal, one has access to the gardens which create a pleasant walk up to the entrance to the manor on one side, and to the old stables on the other, which then lead to the riding school area.

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